RFID People & Personnel Tracking

Today there is a rising need to track people on the premises. Our IoT, cloud, and RFID-based system can help in identifying people at different entry/exit points, thereby letting the system know the total number of people present at different floors and locations. Our system will help the management to deal with any emergency situation needing evacuation.

Benefits of RFID’s People Tracking System

  • Automatic zone-based tracking and visibility.
  • Auto monitoring of people detection/In/Out records.
  • Visitor Tracking and Access control monitoring in highly secured areas.
  • Can be of help for Emergency Response and Evacuation.
  • A real-time count of people per floor and other locations.


The MINER requires that electronic tracking systems be in place at mines to facilitate rescue operations in case of an emergency. Electronic tracking systems provide a mechanism for surface personnel to know which workers are in the mine and in which area they are working.

Many mines use RFID tracking to monitor which miners are underground and their general location. Using RFID tracking, at the beginning of each shift, the mine foreman gets the list of names of people working in and where they are going or working within the mine. Once in the mine, if a miner needs to go to a different area to work, RFID notifies the system using RF detection to update the miner’s location to the ground staff.

Manual tracking has a number of limitations, but the RFID tracking and locating tracks within a working section. The section can be quite large and therefore different RF detection solutions can offer the miner’s exact zonal location.

The system supports slashing downtime, using less effort to find things and personnel, making more traceable procedures and resources, and all while increasing the throughput of your mine productivity. That is how you increase the productivity of your operations and ensure traceability and monitoring of your workforce.


People tracking, access control; monitoring and attendance tracking belong to the most demanded RFID applications for work sites, factories, and corporate buildings. Our People & Personnel Tracking is purpose-built for tracking personnel throughout a work/construction site and Zonal monitoring of any allocated area. Whether you need to locate a worker instantly, require real-time visibility of a specific zone on your site, or demand a rapid way for electronic mustering. Our system is designed to track and monitor access to improve the performance of today’s work/construction sites.

RFID-based access control (HF, UHF, and Active) & monitoring systems are typically used for granting access or controlling people’s access to the work facilities and also to office area/s, enterprises, workplaces, car parks, schools, libraries, hotels, events & exhibition areas as well as for tracking employee time for payroll, safety, production and maintenance needs.