RFID Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS)


It is imperative in any manufacturing or production facility that the supply of material happens just in time every time. To facilitate the same, the inbound & outbound processes need to be expedited thereby lowering the turnaround time

RFID (ITMS) helps the clients of this vertical to manage the traffic of vehicles inside their premises as well as prioritize their entry to their premises basis the need. RFID’s solution helps in dealing with the queuing in the parking, faster turnaround time (TAT) in the premise, near real-time tracking of vehicles, traffic congestion & security & safety-related challenges.

All the permanent vehicles are tagged with RFID windshield tags and the temporary vehicles coming in should collect the reusable tag at the gate. This system helps the security and operations team to track RFID-tagged vehicle TAT in Parking, Gate IN, First Weight, Loading / Unloading, Second Weight, and Gate OUT.



  • Dwell time reduction at the gates
  • Availability of material on time
  • LED & PA-based system for better response
  • No longer queues of vehicles.
  • Facility to register vehicle, driver, etc online thereby reducing the time spent on the same
  • No idling of drivers inside the premise with real-time tracking
  • Boost to security & safety department
  • Unmanned weigh bridges results in accurate weight data & faster movements
  • Integration capabilities with SAP or any other ERPs