RFID Container Tracking System

Container Yards are often quite large in which materials and containers are moved frequently. Likewise, there is significant room for human error when dealing with large quantities of containers that must be tracked by pick-up location, time, or date. With the RFID 4r (Read, Record, Report, and Real-Time) system, we have a completely proven solution to take care of all container tracking requirements.

Currently, in most Container Freight Stations (CFS) or Inland container Depot (ICD), the collection of the information of containers is manual and depends on workers or semi-automatic devices. Inefficiency and inaccuracy of container management become an obstacle to realizing the information about container logistics. Some technologies have been tested to settle this problem, such as image processing and pattern recognition to identify the container number, but these methods only achieve a recognition rate of 80%-95% and the workload of the workers is still large. In this context, we introduce RFID technology, which can be used to improve the situation. This RFID technology can be used to keep track of the locations of the containers, give greater visibility of the operations data, and improve the business and control processes.

Yard managers can achieve real-time visibility into the location, entrance, exit, and intra-yard movement of every container for which they are responsible.