Tech IT Systems help and guide our customer that how they can improve their sale by marketing their products and services through the latest marketing trends like SMS Marketing on a very competitive and attractive price.Reach out to your customer base by way of bulk SMS to promote your product, Bulk SMS is simply the fastest, instant and most cost-efficient way to reach the masses. We can help you market your brand, product or event thru Bulk SMS Marketing.
The Benefits of SMS Text Message Marketing
The benefits of SMS text message marketing spreads high and wide for every business. These days, when a mobile phone is more than just an accessory or a status symbol, it is becoming more and more a necessity to daily living. Mobile devices are not just used to communicate to loved ones or business colleagues. It is more than just a tool for emergency situations or a way to reconnect with friends. You will find a lot of people nowadays using their mobile phones to store and receive information, a means to access the internet and even to take photos or to record their daily schedules.
If you want to keep up with the rest of the industry, try maximizing the benefits of SMS text message marketing and you will see fantastic results in the near future. Take a look at the list of some SMS marketing advantages below:

Brand Exposure that Leads to Increase in Sales

Establishing a brand takes more than a single launch or introduction of the product. You need to be able to instil it in the minds and hearts of every individual who might potentially be interested in your products and services. The benefits of SMS text message marketing is that it establishes brand recall and retention without blatant agenda pushing. Eventually, this will lead to an increase in your sales and help you hit or even exceed your target revenue.

Attracting New Customers

Majority of your revenue may probably come from existing clients. But what happens with the untapped market? There is fantastic potential in reaching out to a new batch of would-be customers. Also, if you start using the benefits of SMS text message marketing in your business, this encourages referrals from existing customers.

Reaching More People at a Time

With a single click of a mouse or a button, you can already send messages to a multitude of people simultaneously.

Getting Quality Prospects

When people answer to your text message, there’s a huge chance that they are already interested in buying your products. It is certainly a fantastic way to sift through a fantastic number of people and determine those whom you should really focus on.

Variety of Uses for Multiple Purposes

Text messaging is not limited to only one use. You could send a message to inform, remind or promote. You can also give special offers which will encourage interest in your products and services. It is also a fantastic way to launch an event or a new product without spending too much on printing flyers and brochures to invite people.

SMS Marketing FAQ

SMS marketing allows you to reach anyone, anywhere in the world without being concerned about an internet connection, the hardware they have or even the time of day. SMS marketing has been shown to have an open rate of 98% compared to an email marketing average of 18%.
Combined with an enticing and well written message, there are few other marketing channels with as high a reach or potential for success.
There are a number of options to control the time of delivery of your SMS messages.
Once we receive your request to send a message to a handset, we pass the message straight to one of our UK network partners for immediate delivery. Our UK messages will be physically delivered by Vodafone, O2 or EE to the handset’s network for final delivery to the handset.
The network partners will always attempt to deliver the messages immediately. No messages are stored by the UK networks for later delivery. A message is only not delivered to the handset if the delivering network cannot reach the handset. In which case, the message is stored by the delivering network and retried a little later.
With the Tech IT Systems tools available you have total control over when your message is sent. You may choose to send your message for immediate delivery, or alternatively you could schedule your message to be sent at a specific time of day. To complement these options you also have the ability to specify how long you would like the mobile networks to retry the delivery of your message to the handset in the event that the first attempt to deliver was unsuccessful.
This can be done when sending your messages by selecting the ‘Validity’ option and choosing the length of time you wish the networks to keep trying to deliver the message for. You may set this value between 1 hour and 72 hours.
For more details on validity settings or scheduling SMS messages please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service team on +92-333-2137835
Switching to SMS marketing from traditional paper marketing, is a brilliant way of instantly reaching your customer base in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.
The environmental impact of sending an SMS text message to your customers is a fraction of the impact generated from other more paper-based marketing programs.
Through our Environmental Policy we commit to;
  • Fully comply with environmental regulations in every country in which we operate.
  • Ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into our business decisions.
  • Continue to use risk assessment methods in order to identify potential environmental risks to our businesses.
  • Pursue opportunities to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, concentrating particularly on the use of energy, waste disposal, and the use of paper.
  • Develop a wider understanding of environmental issues amongst our suppliers, employees, clients, partners and local communities.
  • Regularly review our policies to ensure that they remain properly aligned to the need to reduce waste, and encourage the most effective utilization of scarce resources.
Upon setting up your free trial account with us you will be automatically opted in to receive our Quarterly Newsletters. You may of course change this preference at any time from within the Admin Panel of your online account, or click the Unsubscribe link within any Newsletter you receive.
TextAnywhere does not use or sell any of your details to third party marketing agencies in accordance with our Information Security Policy and our obligations under the Data Protection Act.
Please visit our website for full details of our company policies.
The Tech IT Systems free trial enables you to test out our SMS marketing tools with 20 free text messages from your Tech IT Systems account, over a 30-day period.
With the free trial, you are able to test out a range of our products, including:
  •  TextOnline
  • TextCamapaign
  • TextMail
  • Developer Toolkit
Tech IT Systems offers a partner program within two areas of the business. Whether you want to integrate a text-messaging capability in to your own application and have your customers use this service, or simply introduce an organisation to the Tech IT Systems SMS marketing solutions.

Developer Partner:

The developer program is for partners that wish to use our Developer Toolkit to integrate a text-messaging capability within their own software application that is then sold to customers for their own use. As a result, developer partners can enjoy commission of up to 20% of the revenue generated by messages purchased and sent by their customers through the partner’s application.

Reseller Partner:

Our reseller program is for partners who wish to introduce their customers to our services, and receive up to 20% of the customers’ revenue as commission from us as our thanks for this introduction. The Reseller Partner will earn commission on every message sent, and any other products purchased, by the introduced customer, for the lifetime of the customer.
With both of the programs, the customers have accounts on the TextAnywhere platform, and we take care of the billing and customer service.
There is no cost to you in being a member of either program, and we can even provide your customers with preferential pricing. We will provide you with a unique Reseller Code that each of your customers enters during the registration process. This code assigns the customer to you for commission purposes for the lifetime of the customer.
Nothing! Delivery reports on individual messages and SMS marketing campaigns are free.
With Tech IT Systems’s system, you only pay for the messages that you send. As part of the service we offer all our clients a free delivery report for every campaign that has been sent – even if the message recipients are overseas.